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Wyoming Metalworks offers a variety of railing options to suit your needs. We can create a custom railing system for new construction or retrofit your existing railing system to meet the current ADA requirements. We offer a variety of metal options to suit your needs, for example: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel cable railings. We have an experienced, skillful technicians who can inspect your existing railing system and offer a consultation on how best to meet the current ADA requirements for your particular needs. Our technicians fabricate all railing systems in-house making installation on site less intrusive on business and homeowners

Cable railings
Guard railings
Extrior commercial hand railings

Cable railings are the ideal solution when looking for an  exceptionally sleek, modern and virtually-transparent railing system.  We feature an elegant, linear horizontal aesthetic with its thin,  highly-durable stainless steel cabling interior that is ideal for both  stairways and outdoor decking areas. Not only can we install a new cable railing system commercially or residentially, we can also use cable railing to retrofit existing railing systems.

Slightly different than a hand rail, guard rails are taller than handrails.  We can design and create custom railings from steel, aluminum, stainless steel and glass. Guard railings are typically used on balconies, walkways and stairs. All guard rails are fabricated to the strictest standards, adhering to all current local and government building and safety codes.  We can also produce commercial curved balcony railings.

We offer a complete line of residential and commercial handrails for both stairs and ramps in a variety of metals and powder-coating options. Our products can  help you combat harsh outdoor weather conditions, with low-maintenance, high-quality, metal railing systems. We even have the ability to do core drilling, which ensures a nice clean finish on existing concrete.

Multi level cable railing
Custom curved railing
Retro fit guard railing

Multi level cable railing

Commercial curved balcony railings

Retrofitting existing guardrails to comply with current code